A few spins of the roulette wheel!

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I like roulette. Oh sure, it’s got terrible odds, but it’s so unambiguous. I don’t feel like I need to know all the ins and outs in order to play, and it’s pretty easy to figure out if you’ve won. And man! The stack of chips you get when your number hits! That’s awesome!

We started our day with Leslie in Fresno. Her mom made us a really delicious frittata for breakfast (it’s kind of like a crustless quiche) before we hit the road for Laughlin. I have to say, we have not missed driving in the desert! It’s so boring! The drive from Fresno to Laughlin is almost as bad as driving through Florida! We got so bored that Mike actually let me drive for a while. I think the only high point was hitting 14,000 miles somewhere in the Mojave Desert. That’s right – we have survived over 14,000 miles in the car together – and we still have to drive across Arizona today!

We got a room at the River Palms Casino because it was the cheapest room we could find. It turns out that we weren’t the only ones who chose it based on that fact – the lobby was full of…well, let’s just say there were plenty of opportunities for people watching. Anyway, we got checked in (the room is a bit ghetto but clean so that’s good enough for us) and headed out to gamble. My parents really like the Aquarius, so we started there. Man! It’s hot in the desert these days! Walking there was, well, warm. Poor Mike – I really wonder how he’ll survive a summer in Phoenix. I think some road trips to the mountains are going to be required – that’s if he ever agrees to get in the car again! (Don’t worry, Lisa and Dave – the road trip to your wedding will be a pleasure – mostly because it is pretty much guaranteed that it will be cooler in Colorado than Arizona!)

Anyway, we wandered from casino to casino, playing some slots and mostly roulette. Our best luck was at the Pioneer, where I won back all the money I’d lost (and then some) with a few well placed chips on the roulette table. Once we were up a bit, we decided to leave before we gave it all back. Overall, we did okay – we’re only down about $15 between the two of us, and we were out gambling until after 2am.

Today we’re headed home to Phoenix. We are both sad and glad that this road trip is over – we’re definitely getting a little tired of traveling every day (and the car could definitely use a break as well as a trip to the mechanic!) We miss Luke (our dog) – although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t miss us at all with the way (I’m sure) my mom has been spoiling him! I’m afraid it’s going to take us months to break him of all his new bad habits! (Walks at five o’clock in the morning? I don’t think so!)

We’re taking the slightly scenic route home – we’re going to drive through Lake Havasu City (where I was born) so Mike can see the London Bridge and marvel at just how hot it is in the desert even if there is a big lake right there. It should be fun. But first, I think we want to try to give the casino a little bit more of our money. Wish us luck!

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