Now you can subscribe to this here blog! Exciting, isn’t it?

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Okay, so now that the honeymoon is over, Mike and I figure that our lives aren’t necessarily going to be exciting enough to warrant a daily post for all of you lovely people. However, I realize that some of you have become a bit, well, addicted to my rambings. (This is incredibly flattering, by the way!) So, I have decided that I will continue to write (almost) daily updates on the blog for your reading pleasure.

In order to make life as easy as possible for you, my loyal readers and friends, I have four (count them, four!) ways for you to find out about new posts on this here blog of ours.

1. You can visit at your leisure. (You can even add it to your RSS reader if you are into that sort of thing.)

2. Whenever there is a new post, you will see a link to it on my Facebook page – so if you’re a Facebook addict like me, you can just click away whenever you see that little ‘There’s a new post’ bit in your feed. If we’re not friends on Facebook, feel free to add me!

3. You can subscribe to our blog – this will result in an email being sent to the address of your choosing whenever there is a new post. It will contain a small amount of the post (not the entire thing!) as well as a link to the full post. In order to do this, just enter your email address in the sidebar on the right side of this page and click subscribe. (If you want to unsubscribe, just put your email address there and click unsubscribe – piece of cake!)

4. If you simply must have the full text delivered to your inbox every time there’s a new post, you can register as a user on There is an option to do this in the sidebar on the right. Just fill out the relevant information, and moments after you click ‘Register’ you should receive an email confirmation in your inbox. Once you confirm your email address, you’re all set – you never have to log in again unless you get sick of me and want to stop receiving my emails! :)

Of course, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns or have trouble registering or subscribing or whatnot, please feel free to ask!

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