715 miles in one day? Piece of cake!

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During our honeymoon road trip, we had a few rules for when we were driving.

1. No sleeping in the car.
2. No interstates unless absolutely necessary.
3. No CDs or iPods – radio only.
4. No games on the iPhones or iPads in the car (you know, so we pay attention to the world around us.)

Yeah, we broke all of those yesterday. We took the interstate even though there was a perfectly good US route that would have gotten us here several hours later. When the only radio station we could get was on the reservation and only played drums and chanting, and then even that faded to static, Mike put in a CD. Mike actually let me drive for a bit, and I was surprised until he confessed that he just wanted to play his game. Punk. We both attempted to sleep, but were unsuccessful (so I guess we didn’t really break that rule.)

Anyway, in spite of all the rule breaking, we managed to have fun on our way here. Yes, we stopped at the Utah and Colorado borders to take our pictures. (I intend to have my picture with a state line sign from every one of the 48 contiguous states at some point. We only need 6 more!)

My parents and Cyndy were the first of our crew to leave AZ for Vail – they left early Thursday morning and drove straight through like we did. Well, when they started getting hungry they texted me asking for restaurant recommendations in Moab, Utah. Being the awesome daughter that I am, I looked up places on Yelp for them and gave them a list of three possibilities that had particularly good reviews. There was a cafe known for it’s breakfast food, a burger joint, and a brewery. They chose the cafe, and instead of ordering breakfast, they ordered sandwiches and well, they weren’t really impressed. Apparently there was fruit in the tuna salad. I felt bad, even as I was surprised that they didn’t go to the brewery! Anyway, we decided that since my mom’s first impression of the place was that it was ‘a Mike and Andi’ type of place, that we would check it out when we drove through Moab. Well, as soon as we saw the sign, we knew that it wasn’t their type of place. Then we parked and looked at the menu and cracked up! It was a total hippie place! Tofu and whole grains everywhere and then there was the clientele! Super crunchy granola types filled the place. We couldn’t believe my parents actually ate there! Anyway, we ordered breakfast food, and it was bombing good. I had green chile huevos rancheros and they were so good! My dad would have loved it! Of course, when I asked why they ordered sandwiches at a place known for breakfast, they shrugged and said it was lunchtime. Clearly they have a lot to learn! Breakfast is good any time!

The rest of the drive was uneventful, but very pretty. The weather cooperated, and there was sunshine and bright blue skies with just enough puffy clouds to make pictures look interesting (see Joanne, I still remember the importance of puffy cloud days!)

We arrived just after five and I’ll admit that we were pretty tired (12 hours of driving will do that to you), but it was time for Dave and Lisa’s barbecue, so we rallied. It was a really fun night. There was a keg in Dave and Lisa’s room, and a steady stream of pitchers made their way to the pool area. The food was delicious. Some sort of Croatian (I think) sausage sandwich – a specially of Lisa’s parents – I’ll have to figure out what it was called so I can make sure I try it again if the opportunity ever arises. (Lisa, if you read this, remind me what those were called! And maybe spell it for me?)

Today we have a free day (the wedding is on Sunday) so we’re going to explore a bit. It’s a beautiful day outside – the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Let’s just hope the weather reports were wrong and this sunshine stays with us the rest of the weekend (or at least until after the wedding!)

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