You wouldn’t think one percent would be such a big deal…

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Five U.S. states limit alcohol sales in grocery stores and gas stations to beer at or below 3.2% alcohol: Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Utah. In these states, stronger beverages are restricted to liquor stores. This means that for the Bud Light drinkers in our group (a large percentage), they have a choice this weekend: they can go to the grocery store and buy low point Bud Light for a relatively normal price, or they can go to the liquor store and spend $25 for a 24 pack of ‘normal’ Bud Light which is 4.2% ABV. You can guess what they did. (I hope you guessed that they went to the liquor store.) The thing that I find funny about this is that Mike and I didn’t know about the law when we rolled into town on Friday, so we stopped at the grocery store before we got to the hotel and bought some beer. Do you think anyone noticed that there was low point beer mixed in with their normal beer? No they did not! So really, what’s the point?

But enough about beer! Let’s talk about Vail! If you have never seen Vail, Colorado in the summer, you are missing out. It is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. There are flowers and lush green mountains and snowcapped peaks. It really is like something out of a John Denver song. We spent the day yesterday wandering around Vail Village, which is the kind of tourist trap that Mike and I avoided like the plague when we were on our honeymoon, but is really fun when you’re with a large group. There are shops and bars and lots of people watching.

Now, Vail is an expensive town (aren’t all resort towns) so while we went to the bar for a few beers and an appetizer or two, we chose to have our meals at the hotel where we have a kitchen and the beer doesn’t cost $4.50 a bottle. That’s one of the best parts about hanging with this particular crew – they are all amazing cooks! We have been eating well!

To top off an awesome day, last night just after dark, there was a private fireworks show at the base of the ski slope that just happens to be right outside our window. So I’d like to give a big shout out thank you to whoever paid for the awesome fireworks display that we saw last night. It was very cool.

Today is the big day! Dave and Lisa get married in just a few hours. We’re all looking forward to the wedding. I just know it’s going to be beautiful (and the guest list is filled with awesome people so its pretty much guaranteed to be a good time!) Oh, and it’s in Avon, where there is apparently an awesome Fourth of July celebration tonight, so we get to see more fireworks! I love fireworks. Today is going to be a good day.

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  1. You can now get alcohol in the liquor stores on Sunays in CO!

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