Meet Fife!

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As you may know, a little over a year ago we lost our furry friend Ruffles to a mysterious illness. He left a grumpy, schnauzer shaped hole in our hearts, and Luke without a buddy. We’ve been contemplating getting another puppy for a while now, and yesterday near our apartment Petsmart hosted an adoption event. We couldn’t resist checking it out, and an hour later we walked back home with a new addition to our little family!

I’d like to introduce you all to Fife! He’s a schnauzer-poodle mix (a schnoodle!) and as an added bonus, he looks a bit like a Fraggle. (Yes, we named him Fife because we just couldn’t resist a little Andy Griffith reference!)


We introduced Luke to him before we started the paperwork, and they didn’t appear to hate each other, so we figured they’d be good together. Well, it turns out that they are instant friends! They played all day (between naps) and aside from a little jealousy from Luke when Fife snuggled up to me on the couch, things went pretty smooth!

We’re not sure about his history – the rescue folks think he’s about a year old, but that’s all we’ve got to go on. He’s really sweet and playful, which is all that really matters. Judging by the dirt (which Mike took care of with a bath as soon as we got him home) and the matted fur (which we’ll let a groomer fix on Monday), he’s had a rough go of things recently.

I’m going to start clicker training him this week – he doesn’t appear to know any tricks and a leash is clearly a foreign concept, so I’ve got my work cut out for me! But hey, if I can train a monster like Luke, surely I can get this little guy to do my bidding! Maybe I’ll be able to teach him to close all the doors Luke manages to open!


Oh, and did I mention his ears??? Because they are, in a word, awesome.


I don’t know why both my pound puppies have such ridiculous ears…just lucky I guess!

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