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Andi and I have friends and family spread out across the entire U.S. and we have decided to make all of you travel for our wedding. What we want most is to have all of our far flung friends and family at the same place, and so, more than anything, we consider your presence to be our present. (We mean it!) That said, if you really would like to get us something tangible, read on for some suggestions.

Our traditional Registry is at Crate & Barrel and Kohl’s. Both utilize their own registry trackers which Mike is too inept to does not have enough time to figure out how to integrate them with his hastily put together blog and online store.

You can find these registries at:

Registry - Crate & Barrel


Registry - Kohl's

*You may notice the shipping address for physical items is Andi’s parent’s house in Phoenix. We are trying to keep the amount of stuff we bring in and out of Mexico to a minimum.

For those of you a bit less traditional, feel free to browse the Mike and Andi Registry. We have registered for fun and awesome things to do on our honeymoon. (our honeymoon consists of driving aimlessly around the U.S. finding fun things to do)

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