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Breakfast and dinner will be served at the Ensueño house for everyone every day that we are in Mexico.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  The menu is detailed below. If you would like to make something to add to our smorgasbord, you are welcome to do so, however, it is not required!

Lunches will be a free for all. We will have all the fixins for an awesome lunch, and there will probably be left overs too. The catch? You have to make it yourself. Beer and chips also qualify as lunch.

Here’s what we have planned (so far):

- Andi’s dad will be making his famous Cheeseburgers and if we’re really nice to her mom, she’ll make her macaroni salad.

- Denise and Steve will (hopefully) be making waffles for breakfast – believe me – you don’t want to miss their waffles!
- the Rehearsal dinner – everyone is invited!  We’ll be having pulled pork and mariachi music!

- Breakfast burritos with all the fixin’s
- the Wedding! Hope everyone likes tacos!!!

- Hangover helper breakfast – probably scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast
- Dinner will be grilled chicken sandwiches.

- Breakfast!  Maybe burritos again?


The water from the tap is fine for brushing your teeth, showering or cooking, but please don’t drink it.  Bottled water sold in Mexico is safe!  We’ve been drinking it for years.  If your rental house has bottled water when you arrive, it is safe to drink. We will also bring bottled water with us from the US. When you are out and about, ask for an unopened bottle of water – you want the seal to be intact.  The bars that we frequent use purified water to make their ice, so you can drink frozen drinks like margaritas and pina coladas without worrying about getting sick (except from over-indulging!)


It is safe to eat in restaurants and at food stands in Rocky Point.  We have several places that we have been going for years, and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.  We are planning excursions to the fish market – where most of our favorite restaurants are – nearly every day that we will be in Rocky Point.


If you like seafood, Rocky Point has an amazing fish market where you can get anything from oysters and clams to shrimp and fish.  Be sure to check with Andi’s dad about which vendor to buy from, as some will take advantage of the gringos and sell you shark instead of whatever it is you asked for.  We’ve got a few fishmongers that we know and trust. April isn’t the best month for shrimp (most of it is frozen), but it’s still delicious, so if you would like to bring some back to the US, you are allowed to take up to 5 pounds (2.26 kilos) per person of shrimp across the border.


Some alcohol, especially tequila, is significantly cheaper in Mexico.  If you would like to bring some back to the US, please remember that there is a limit of 1 Liter of alcohol per adult.  If you get caught taking more, the excess will be confiscated, and the border agents will have a great party on your dime.

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