What to Bring

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The weather in Rocky Point is a little bit unpredictable.  We recommend jeans and t-shirts most days, with shorts in case it gets particularly warm.  It can get cool at night so bring a jacket or sweatshirt.  Don’t forget swim suits!  The water might be cold, but there’s always sunbathing!  You can also bring snorkels or any other water toys you might want to have with you.  If you have room in your suitcase, toss a beach towel in there too.  You can never have too many beach towels!

Flip flops are a must, and tennis shoes are best for wearing into town.

Dress code for the wedding

Casual!  Please, wear whatever you want!  Flip flops for the ceremony on the sand, tennis shoes for the reception – whatever you feel comfortable in.  Sundresses for the ladies and khakis and lightweight shirts for the men would work nicely.  The reception is outside, so bring a sweater or a jacket if you think you’ll get cold!  If you want to wear jeans, that’s okay too!  Andi will be wearing a dress and Mike will be wearing a suit, but that’s all we can promise.. oh, and Andi’s dad is wearing khaki pants and a linen shirt if that helps.

What to leave home

No guns!  We feel silly saying it, but just in case any of you get a wild hair, please do not bring a gun to Mexico.  They are illegal, and if you get caught, you will go to jail.  The kind of jail that no amount of Andi’s broken Spanish can get you out of.  Just don’t do it.

Wedding presents.  We love presents!  They’re awesome!  But we love them even more when we don’t have to worry about crossing the border with them!  Please leave them in Arizona!  We’ll open them all up when we get back!  (It’s possible that we could be taxed on any new merchandise going in or out of the country – regardless of where it was purchased, and that’s a hassle we’d just as soon avoid.)  Same goes for cash.  We love cash, it’s fun and easy to use, but we’d rather not have to worry about carrying it around all weekend!

What else to bring

Any prescription drugs that you may need.  You don’t want to have to run around finding a pharmacy because you forgot your pills!  Bring them along – but just what you need for the weekend.  No need to bring your entire medicine cabinet.  And while we’re on the topic, many drugs that require a prescription in the US can be purchased over the counter in Mexico, so if you want to stock up on antibiotics, inhalers, or retin A, let Andi’s Mom know and she can point you in the direction of a good pharmacy.  (We’ve been doing it for years, and sometimes you save a ton of money!)

Sunscreen. Andi burns if she even thinks about going out in the sun, so she will have an ample supply of SPF 2000 on hand, but bring whatever strength you prefer to use.

The rental houses have basic home appliances like toasters, coffee makers, pots, pans etc. The Arizonans will be bringing down food for the entire weekend and the like so everything should be covered. Pack like you are going to a hotel for a weekend!


Turn off your cell phone when crossing the border. Telecos love to charge international roaming fees. If you have a smart phone, put it in airplane mode with WiFi access on because…
Mexico has WiFi! The Villa del Ensueno house (as well as a few other rental houses) have WiFi access. There are also a few business that have WiFi. Don’t expect to be streaming NetFlix but at least you can check your email and do some casual surfing.

Mexico uses the same voltage and power outlets as the US so no adapters needed. Just plug and play.

The houses do have TV as well, most have basic DirectTV programming. But who is going to spend time watching TV?

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